Duluth International Regatta

For over 60 years, the Duluth Rowing Club has hosted teams from throughout the midwest United States and Canada for the annual Duluth International Regatta. The 1-day event is on July 15, 2023, and historically attracts 300-400 rowers who compete in Junior, Open, and Masters events.

This is the PRELIMINARY Heat Sheet for Saturday’s Regatta. Changes can be made at the Coaches/Coxswain’s meeting on Friday night.

IMPORTANT: The Duluth International Regatta on July 15 will start at 8AM, not 8:30 as the event schedule says. Please be prepared for events to start at 8am. Continue to check here on the website for any updates as the date approaches. Also make sure you have someone from your club/team representing you at the coaches/coxswains meeting.

The Coaches/Coxswains meeting is at 7:30pm on July 14, at the DRC Boathouse. 

Registration for this event has closed. Please email hello@duluthrowing.org to make changes to your registration or if you have questions.

Races are 2000 meters for Junior (age 13-18) and Open (age 19-26) rowers, and 1000 meters for Masters (age 27+) rowers. The 2000 meter races have stake boats at the starting line. The regatta is sanctioned by US Rowing.

The race course is on Superior Bay at the site of the Duluth Rowing Club. However, wind and weather conditions sometimes require moving the race course to Lake Superior across the street from the DRC.

The Duluth Regatta generally attracts a large crowd of spectators who enjoy a festive atmosphere watching exciting races throughout the day.

The 2023 Duluth International Regatta is scheduled for July 15th.