Rowing is a great full body workout, low impact activity for youth and adults. Many find rowing to be an excellent way to cross-train for other sports such as running or skiing.

The Sport of Rowing

Our World of Rowing starts early.

It’s a sport of weekend warriors, of dreamers and those who can never get enough. It’s not a passing trend, it is a tradition passed on with pride from one generation to the next.

Learn to Row

Learn to row is a 2 week introductory class for adults with no prior rowing experience.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of rowing, basic technique, and boat safety. The class includes 7 sessions over a 2 week period. Class size is limited to 12 adults. A Refresher Class offers adults who have taken a learn to row class in the past or have had previous rowing experience the opportunity to brush up on their rowing technique. This is 4 session class offered in early June.

Juniors 13-18

The Duluth Rowing Club has a highly regarded Junior Rowing Program with youth from Duluth and the surrounding schools participating each season.

The program runs from June through mid-August, Monday – Friday, 8:00-10:00 am. First year junior rowers attend “Novice Camp” the first two weeks of practice from Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm before joining the rest of the Junior crew. Junior rowers have the opportunity to compete in several regattas throughout the summer.


After completing the Learn to Row class, adults are welcome to become members of the Duluth Rowing Club.

Adult men and women of all ages are involved, from those in their 20’s to those over 70. Some row for recreation and fitness; others enjoy training and competing at regional, national and international regattas. The DRC offers equipment for a range of rowing abilities, from new rowers to competitive crews, with singles, doubles, and 4 and 8 person crew boats.

Why do we row?

For the answer to this and other general rowing questions, read our FAQ.