Why do we row?

Local rowers can be seen on our bay or lake on most calm days shortly after sunrise and again in the evening shortly before sunset. Rowing provides superb full body conditioning with a beautiful nature experience and camaraderie with like-minded people.

Is it ok that I have no rowing experience whatsoever?

Absolutely. Most people who have not taken a Learn to Row course have ever been in a rowing shell, which is different from a rowboat. The Learn to Row course is specifically designed for people with no experience. The coaches are friendly, encouraging, and skilled in teaching newcomers how to row.

Rowing looks like you need strong arms. What if I am not very strong in my upper body?

This is a widespread misunderstanding of the rowing movement. By using a sliding seat, a rower’s main effort actually comes from the legs, which provide most of the power. As a beginner, you will probably find carrying the boat from the boathouse to the water to be more difficult than actually rowing. Fortunately, there is plenty of help to assist if needed.

How safe is rowing?

Safety of our members is our first priority. Being an on-the-water activity, the obvious safety concern is drowning. Adults wanting to take the Learn to Row class must be able to swim and sign a waiver holding the club harmless. A motorized coach boat is always on the water when Juniors are on the water to ensure safety. In over 60 years, we have never experienced a death or serious injury. Although the risk is small, it can never be zero. View DRC Safety Policy

What should I wear for rowing?

When the mornings are cool and the days warm, dress in layers. Although the rowing classes are held in the evening, the temperature on Park Point in June is often 10 degrees cooler than in the City or on the hill. Don’t wear loose fitting clothes, which can get caught in the slide or catch a thumb at the finish. In either case the boat can be quickly destabilized. If you bike or do yoga, your spandex or lycra are good choices. A hat with visor and sunglasses are helpful for sunny days. For boats with shoes, you will need socks. Some boats have straps where soft soled shoes can be inserted.

Do you have scholarships available?

Yes. The DRC wants everyone to have the opportunity to row regardless of financial status. Scholarships are available for youth and adults. Please contact us to inquire about scholarships.

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